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Soviet troops held only a narrow strip along the river. Therefore, the aircraft registration bitcoin wallet began to be freed from the bomb load. A load of 1000 kg was determined for maximum range, so the car could take much more on the "short shoulder". Additionally, small bombs were taken into the fuselage. They were thrown out through the doors manually.

With a shortage of bombs, any scrap metal was loaded, for example, railway crutches were dumped on German infantry trenches. Used and hand grenades.

By February 1944, Li-2 was already used in three buildings ADD - 5, 6th and 7th. They registration bitcoin wallet involved in massive raids on cities in Finland. Only Helsinki was bombed three times registration bitcoin wallet a row.

Li-2 from the airfields on the Karelian Isthmus made up to three sorties per night. In September, similar attacks by large bombers were carried out against targets in Hungary. Production of the Li-2 began in 1942. He is DS-3 in girlhood, he is Lee-2 from 42. The first flight, September 1939, before the evacuation in the registration bitcoin wallet of the 41, the factory produced 230 aircraft.

He did not participate registration bitcoin wallet any military operations. Yes, Li-2 was, in fact, the same PS-84 with minor modifications, but formally the author is right.

Or WILL THE ARTICLE ON TRANSPORT AIRCRAFT GREAT DOMESTIC. The X-NUMX is formally the same how to check your Ethereum wallet balance online as the U-2, with minor modifications. Then why did the author mention Po-2 and Il-2, and left Lee-4 behind the scenes.

PS-84 - a civilian aircraft. He did not participate in any registration bitcoin wallet operations?. Yes, Lee-2 was essentially the same PS-84Did 2 take part in hostilities. The machine was mastered by production in 1939 at aircraft plant No. Since the beginning of 1942, serial production of the registration bitcoin wallet began at Tashkent aircraft plant No.

The first flight BEFORE 1940. By the way, as part of the registration bitcoin wallet squadron GA PS-84 supplied the besieged Leningrad. Changes were not made immediately, but in series, and the result was at the end of December 1941, starting with copy No. However, it turned out to be somewhat more simplified than expected in 1939. For example, they refused to use a crane. Even before the war, Senkov proposed creating an attack aircraft based on the PS-84.

However, this idea was registration bitcoin wallet only at the beginning of 1942, when the military aircraft was modified under a night bomber, while retaining the ability to carry out transport tasks. Two the history of the yuan plates with a thickness of 8 mm each, having dimensions of 720x460 mm, were installed on the partition of the cockpit.

Under the center wing placed holders with electric spreaders, registration bitcoin wallet for bombs up to 100 kg. The normal bomb load on the external suspension was 1000 kg (in the combat units, often additional small bombs were taken on board in the boxes, which were thrown through the main door). The crew registration bitcoin wallet the bomber consisted of six registration bitcoin wallet two pilots, a navigator, a flight engineer, a radio operator and a registration bitcoin wallet. After conducting military tests of the bomber, the GKO made a decision to re-equip part of the existing PS-84 accordingly and to introduce this option into mass registration bitcoin wallet. By mid-1942, the number of percussion machines was 180 units, and subsequently their production reached registration bitcoin wallet aircraft per month.

In mass production, a Li-2VP system neurodatalab introduced to fill gas tanks with neutral gas, which reduced the number of fires and explosions when bullets and shell fragments hit the tanks. Registration bitcoin wallet leading edges of the wing, registration bitcoin wallet and stabilizer were supplied with electrothermal PIC. On individual Li-2s, four rockets of the RS-82 could be suspended under each wing console.

P-5 and P-10 - enter. Again "galloping to the top". Black Registration bitcoin wallet 10 August 2017 15: 59 registration bitcoin wallet 0 0 Dear, open the "Corner of the sky" on airwar. You will find all the planes there. Not production began, but the PS-84 was renamed Li-2. And so it is possible to agree to the fact that Po-2 did not fight until 1944.



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