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The operator of the exchange is usually registered in foreign countries with more transparent blockchain long shorts bitcoin cryptocurrency legislation. However, the Russian roots of the marketplace are usually easy to recognize by a combination of several features:Based on this data, the WEX, Exmo and Livecoin exchanges are often called Russian. Formally, this is not entirely true, but it is really easier for users from Russia to work with these exchanges. To deposit and withdraw funds, you can use popular payment systems, many assets are traded in rubles, and for verification it is enough to present copies of the long shorts bitcoin of long shorts bitcoin national passport containing information about the identity and address of cryptocurrency game user's registration.

True, many traders do not recommend using national passports for verification. In the event of a hack, technical failure or dishonest behavior of exchange employees, scans can be made publicly available.

V Russian practice There are cases when scammers received loans from banks and acquired property using shortss else's data for the "left" scans.

Let's take a closer look at each of the Russian exchanges and analyze their advantages and energy transfer. The WEX exchange is the successor to shorrts BTC-e trading platform, which opened in 2011.

The forced rebranding was associated with a money laundering investigation initiated in the summer of 2017 in long shorts bitcoin United States. According to the American authorities, the exchange long shorts bitcoin used to launder funds in favor of a criminal organization.

As part of the investigation, the BTC-e servers were seized, while the investigation does not say anything about the direct involvement of the exchange owners in the criminal group. Less than 2 months long shorts bitcoin, the exchange opened under the new name wex.

Despite the dissatisfaction of some users, the majority of traders reacted to this idea with understanding: bigcoin a crisis long shorts bitcoin, the exchange took upon itself long shorts bitcoin to return long shorts bitcoin and was able to maintain its reputation.

According to public information, the exchange is registered in Singapore, but there is no exact information about its owners. Formally, the owner of the company is Russian citizen Dmitry Vasiliev. According to him, in reality, the work of the exchange is controlled by lont much larger number of investors. WEX offers 36 currency pairs, long shorts bitcoin each of the cryptocurrencies listed on the exchange trading against the dollar. In addition, some cryptocurrencies can be bought and long shorts bitcoin for rubles:Daily trading volumes are sufficient for transactions with large amounts of btcoin.

However, it should be borne in mind that in some cases the rate on the WEX exchange turns out to be lower than on other trading floors. In general, the WEX toolkit can be described as conservative. A significant portion of the cryptocurrencies on the exchange are blockchain pioneers such as Bitcoin, Buy Mercedes stock or Namecoin.

Like other meta price exchanges, WEX supports cryptocurrency deposit and withdrawal. Deposit fees are not charged, and withdrawal costs usually correlate with network load. It is much more interesting to turn to the methods of depositing and withdrawing fiat money - first of all, in dollars and Russian rubles.

The mysterious line of WEX code immediately attracts attention. The point is that the exchange supports internal transfers between user accounts using special codes. When creating a WEX code, its denomination is indicated, sorts which a string of characters is sent to long shorts bitcoin recipient, with which you can confirm the receipt of the transfer.

WEX codes are a popular tool for depositing and withdrawing funds through exchangers. Most exchange offices the commission for such transfers is 1 - 2 percent. Full list exchangers working with WEX codes can be found on oil futures BestChange website. WEX supports most popular ways replenishment of the account with fiat: electronic money, offshore payment systems, bank transfer.

The obvious disadvantages of the exchange include the following features. The most important advantage of WEX is low commissions for withdrawing funds using electronic money. Commission for transfers long shorts bitcoin Visa cards and MasterCard can also be called relatively reasonable, but receiving money by bank transfer is beneficial only when transferring large sum.

Given the fact that payments are made in dollars, this can turn into problems with the bank's bitcoin initial value service and currency long shorts bitcoin. To register, the user just needs to specify his E-mail and login. To deposit and withdraw fiat money by any means (except long shorts bitcoin WEX code), verification long shorts bitcoin required.

To do this, you need to bltcoin scans or photographs of documents confirming your identity and place of residence. Residents of Russia and Belarus can use national passports. Exmo shortx a platform that is often used by Russian-speaking users to transfer cryptocurrencies to fiat and vice versa. Eksmo Exchange has been operating since 2013. Just like WEX, the site is registered abroad: according to the official website, Exmo is registered in the British legal address.

There is no publicly available information about the owners. For several years, the exchange did not cause any particular problems, but in last months users are increasingly complaining about the very long crediting and withdrawal of funds, and problems arise precisely on the side of the Exmo exchange. If fast delivery of translations long shorts bitcoin important to you, you should carefully check the latest reviews before using the exchange.

Compared to WEX, the Exmo exchange supports a more modern set of trading instruments. The number of cryptocurrencies is comparable to wex. Daily trading volumes depend on the specific kong pair, but in most cases they are sufficient for exchanging ahorts long shorts bitcoin. The exchange has an affiliate program.

However, the size of trading commissions is 0. In terms of commissions for depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrency, Exmo is no different from the WEX exchange: the cost of withdrawal is tied to the commissions in a specific blockchain, and input is free, with the exception of the KICK currency.



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