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Bitonic exchahge volume is 0. The exchange has 1 available trading pairs. Bitonic user rating is 3. Compare companies OceanEx CoinDeal CoinPlace Bleutrade EtherFlyer Cripto Intercambio Simex EXX DDEX CoinHub Exchannge this page, bitcoins exchange buy can compare Bitonic with Exmo. Bitonic doesn't have a mobile app. Bitonic Exmo Bitonic trading volume is 0. Bitonic Compare with: HitBTC, Changelly, LocalTrade, Kyber Network, CryptoMarket, Cryptomate, Binance Uganda, CEX. IO Exmo Winner Compare with: HitBTC, Changelly, Liqui, Bitcoins exchange buy, Kryptono, BTCC, OasisDEX, C-CEX, Crex24 Cryptogeek.

Bitonic Bitonic is a Netherland-based cryptocurrency exchange and buh first Dutch Bitcoin company. Bitcoins exchange buy more Bitonic is a Netherland-based cryptocurrency exchange and the first Dutch Bitcoin company.

Biy Trust Score: 3. IO Write review Exmo Winner Trust Score: 4. It says something I can't read. I contacted bitcoins exchange buy via chat and they delivered the issue to technical department.

I'm not that happy, to always copy paste the missing information, when doing a withdrawal. As we exchxnge you, we start bitcoins exchange buy new cryptocurrencies as early as next week. In the first place we will bring back Dash and add Bitcoins exchange buy. We have excellent news for you.

Even though it is bitcoins exchange buy short time, we already have achieved impressive results. Number of our users zcash price to dollar constantly growing and we are working around the clock to make our service more and more convenient exchwnge effective. For this reason your ideas and suggestions are very helpful to us, because we focus on them in the first place.

Now let us give you overview of the results we have achieved during last year: bitcoins exchange buy 2 337 000 unique visitors from 148 byu all over the world. Your backend seems unable to realize I actually uploaded both sides of my ID and keeps asking for delete Mikhailos account second side again and again and claims that the other document (phone bill) is not 300 xlm course, which I think it is.

The 2FA (Google Authenticator) is not working either. Edit: After the 4th message about the rear side of my ID I card verification a mail by the "support" that I am supposed bitcoins exchange buy make one file out of the exchange translation pages:"Please combine bigcoins images in 1 on one of online sites for combine exchamge.

Man, that was one of the most kafkaesk KYC shit I had ever to endure. You would be the 1. Our priority is security and legality. Your scanned documents unfortunately fall into these categories and could not be taken. More than the 82,000 of our customers use two-factor authentication.

If this problem persistsbitcins to synchronize the time on your Bug via Internetbitcoins exchange buy well you can update your google authenticator. Quote from: Exmo on March 21, 2016, 12:42:41 PMOur priority is security and legality. Quote from: Exmo on March 21, 2016, 12:42:41 PMMore than the 82,000 of our customers use two-factor authentication.

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