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Y, aad bitcoin mining game tAasrbooi- For further taformati- m apply laV, a H- Wiaa. D'AFTlSG FULt HElD TO ll V:t0Mlaar LeagiM taked to Chaaseas te Make Aetlea by theCaaaatala laiefroaary. The commission is composed of Augustus Herrmann of Clncli ratiand Presidents Johnson and Pull gamf -Theydecided unanimously net nitcoin pass uiJn thequestion of Jurisdiction at the present time,but declared Section 4 of Article xxril iathe by-laws of the National Aasoctatioa ofMinor league, which prohibits draftingfrom a lower class, was bad In its effectand asked the national board to take upthe matter at once with the object of adjusting this section and obviate any necessity for the commission bitcoin mining game take sny furtheraction.

President CNeil appeared for the Westernleague. Bitcoin mining game Powers and 8. Bitcoin mining game urns ne and Mr. Burt of the national boardwere at the hearing. Some cf the members of the nationalboard of the National Association rt Minorleagues took up the Topeka case Informally.

A meeting of the board to considerthe matter probably will be held In Chicago within two weekaW. Rourke of the Omaha club wasasked last night about the siruatioo, andsaid in reply:"I have Just received a telegram fromPresident O'NelL which reads: Still Inline for Topeka Bitcoin mining game trying arbitration.

I look upon imning action ofthe national romrnieslon as being veryfavorable. That august body is loath toInterfere in the affairs of the minor leaguesso bitcoin mining game as only the minors are affected,but Its recommendation that the sectionof the minors' law be changed Indicatestat If It could gtre a decision on thepoint it would be In favor of Topeka'sbeing allowed to go to a better leagueIt is manifestly unjust to prevent a townfrom bettering Itself when it has a chancs.

Bitcoin mining game Western bitcoin mining game will be paid amoney consideration for Topeka. I believe now that wewill be allowed to draft Topeka and makethe circuit an eight-club organisation, as Itshould be. Farmer Burns won from Oscar Wassemat the Auditorium Wednesday night instraight falla. He got away bitcoin mining game many a hard hold bitcoun Burns had fastened upon him, butoa the other hand he w-a not strongenough to do any damage to the Farmer,Itha took the aggressive if mvafltage atthe very start, t-ut vVaasem wa able tosquirm away.

Wassem then secured a fullNelson, but it availed him nothing as theFarmer was able to break It as soon ss hewished. Burns secured a hammer lock anda half Nelson, but Wasi-cm was agileenough to aqulrm mininng The Farmer soonfollowed this up with a bitcoin mining game hold anda half Nelson, but again did Bitcoin mining game evadethe trap set for him.

Burns added a toehold to a half Nelson bitcoin mining game hammer lock,but Wassem sucoele1 tn twisting out bitcoin mining game. The Farmer finally secured a halfNelson and a hammer lock on which hewas able to make good and Wassem wasforced to bihcoin mat In twenty minutes fromthe call of time.

The second fall took forty-four minuteswith the Farmer on the bitcoin mining game most ofthe time. At one time he pretended to belooking at something on tbe canvas matwhen suddenly what is bnb on binance made a dive for Wassem legs and soon had him down, butWassem bridged and got away from astrong hold. The Farmer was bitcoin mining game far bitcoin official website in Russian more agCleof the two and after most mix-ups hewould come out with Wsem leg pinioned between hi two legs and after a moment' rest would start for another holdwt fc-njpe.

At one bitcoin mining game Wassem biycoin a full Nelson,but a hen the Farmer had sufficientlyrested he simply raised his neck and brokethe bold. At another time Wassem had aFINB RECIPEFOR GOLDSptat af gwed vraaakeyef gtyeerta aad aAdaf OuaeaaUaMd ad afrata latter canvas ta sas-kalfswaos rials perked sera rely ta isaadsir-tig At eaaea which ar latrwAad aaptrti yffi frees Hg-Bt aad tataia aataa orlgtaal um, Beat ase balkaQ ef stave aw tautattoaa aC CaintiBiid.

Aay Nining has theOeatasiaH aQ af plaa. It will alasso f rirt a sweat aaoallaag resaaAy bitcoin mining game fexxaa af axle addrag this aaurpeae tt tafew Aeaea w r-aBight aad aaaxagssfi ' JCliismrtTa-t-r aU of ptaa Is taa resuit ef assay raare sxpwn wring bymm af rbiiadslpkU's feraxaaeA aootors aba afxax satisas twsearck aaacareA a trwiy eolakl all afIte be applied eat n ally ca taFar this wars as U lawttb lard a Tseil. Depot, OmahA and FrrtonalA NebrakA during fiscal year burrring July L lst'7.

Envelope containing proposals ehould be indorsed, "Proposal for Snoring Animals"and addressed to MAJOR THuMASCRUSE. D, lavl- By order of tua Board"f inrectors C. Uacauk, Neb, gehruary 4, eNOT1C15 TO arrOCKHOLIiEP-a. Neb, aatae kta 4y f Marc A 'Jp. By a-wsr of taa prtatdeat. Feaud d U aw-eTSUX Halfwith two ewaoesaae half ewaaaAaa. Hart w the larger, but Graysactivity offset thl ndvinurA giant named H -p of Malvern.

V ikhI gi t the giant hooked with a hammerlock ar. Considers Me Interest attached to the pewI'ninary between Charles and Raymond1). These youngsters bltcoin anexhibition of real wrestling ad bictoin croad wa with the smaller boy teelarrer won two out ot three fa. Local as well as national wrestling etrcles are all acg over the report thatO"or:e Hackensrhmldt.

Louts wrestler, who I vato meet the Terrible Turk Olsen 1 afriend of Ootch and be Is iuot. Olsen and other put It dima clearly a case of cold feet- Oltch Istraining for the match at M mod City. Mo,and is said to be greatly disppolnted. While the Russian has. Gotch s strensth ismarvelous, hi speed wonderful and hieknowledge of the game astonishing. Justwhy the Run hould be bitcoin mining game as Incomparably greater than Gotch has not yetdawned on minds in the west.

Frank Gotch bitcoin mining game the Russian Lion wrestleGraeco-Roman style. Simmer at that hold two out ofthree. Ithink Frank Gotch Is the better man: be isthe best man in the country. I believABut I am sorry the Russian didn't have tbesand to stay.



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